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Support & Guidance Personalized to You: The Real Smart Method Framework

Leadership Coaching.

Discover Your Inner Leader.

Tailored 1:1 Coaching

Self-directed Leadership Course

I offer my clients real, honest, straight-talking Leadership Coaching through a framework I have developed called the REAL Smart Method, enabling leaders to clarify visions, foster collaboration, and energize teams to achieve goals they thought were impossible.

I understand the challenges and setbacks that all leaders face. Why do leaders cry in the shower? They are frustrated, emotionally exhausted, and overwhelmed trying to do the right things to complete projects, or take the next step, without all of the right pieces in place.

Leaders generally consider themselves in 2 buckets: Good at Strategy and Good at Execution. According to a PwC study, only 8% of company leaders say they were good at both strategy and execution.

This translates into projects getting stuck because leaders can create the vision but are not able to translate that strategy into everyday actions, so teams are able to execute that concept effectively and efficiently. The answer is connecting the two, using evidence-based strategies and easy-to-implement tools.

Delivering a high-level, complex, or collaborative project takes teamwork, and my passion is helping driven forward-thinking leaders successfully unite their team, to be able to rise to the challenge, and exceed, not only the expectations of the project but their own as well.

Get in touch today to see how I can help you achieve that next level alignment with your team you desire.

“I thought I questioned everything; Teresa taught me to look at this a bit differently. She taught me how to look at things with a bit more focus, the result being, I get more done, faster while still questioning everything.”

- Leslie Grimm, Test Engineer/Senior Technical Analyst

- Leslie Grimm,

Test Engineer

Senior Technical Analyst

Team Development.

Revive Your Team.

Team Building

Agile Processes

Community Building

A tired, self-doubting team cannot achieve as much as a self-directed, empowered one. My mission and sole love is working with teams to spur innovation, passion, and drive, and to amplify the skills of team members, making them heroes in their own individual stories, that contribute to the combined team effort.

The transformation is astonishing. Exceptional projects become achievable, with teams and all individuals working with 360-degree knowledge and a cohesive, harmonized approach. Team members may speak a different industry language but as one, they speak in the same tongue, with the same fire. They become a force, with a sole goal of delivering a project to the highest of standards.

This alchemy is possible for your team too. Through my extensive knowledge, wisdom, and experience working with multi-level teams on projects for federal, state, and private industries, your project and team is in good hands.

Having worked on multi-stakeholder projects from developing healthcare apps to organizing community rallies, one thing is for certain: leaders have all the pieces, teams have the energy, but it falls apart when the approach is disjointed; either from lack of clarity or purpose about the project and intended outcomes.

Let me help your team to discover their secret: working together they can achieve anything. Both the team and individual members can experience increased productivity and achieved goals. Get in touch today to see how I can help your team.

“Teresa understands business processes and outcomes so she could quickly organize ownership, tasks, and application to the projects she worked on.

Teresa instructed team members on the importance of timeliness, accuracy, and accountability. “

-Timothy Hunt, Solutions Architect

-Timothy Hunt,

Solutions Architect

Speaker, Author & Authority.

Getting the Word Out.

Subject Matter Expert

Compelling Storyteller

Simplifying the Hard Stuff

The Healthcare System & HealthIT has the power to change and touch so many lives. It’s my life mission, to leave the Healthcare industry in a better way than I found it, led by respected leaders who are at the helm pioneering the way forward, supported by happy motivated teams that bloom on challenges and solutions.

I’m passionate about sharing my essential and empowering message through various media mediums all over the world. As an authority on HealthIT, including patient experience, leadership and teams within Healthcare, in addition experiencing the Healthcare system firsthand, I share my knowledge and philosophy through articles, talks, keynote speeches, podcasts, guest columns and interviews.

I can provide expert insights and opinion on subjects ranging from the power of Leadership Coaching, Team Development and how the two are intrinsically linked, in addition to topics from the patient’s viewpoint and how their experience should be the driver in any HealthIT decision.

A wealth of topics and subjects, that together encompasses the ethos and duty of myself and The Real Smart Method, in helping to change the Healthcare landscape for the better.

I’d love to hear from you with any inquiries. Simply send me a note through my Contact Page or connect by your preferred method.

I’d love to speak to you!

"Teresa has the unique ability to be able to speak to healthcare leadership because she too has refined, strived, and put the work in to be one of the best."

-Anne Mooney, Head of Implementation

-Anne Mooney,

Head of Implementation

“Teresa’s business approach is infectious, and you really want to work with her, she is fun, entertaining, and shares the success with everyone not as a single source, but as a bona-fide team effort.”

-Timothy Hunt, Solutions Architect

-Timothy Hunt,

Solutions Architect

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